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Booking a business trip, group trip, maritime trip or luxury trip seems simple, but there is more to it than you think. As a full service business travel agency, e-Business Travel takes care of everything. This saves you a great deal of trouble, time and money. Since we have agreements with airlines, suppliers and local partnerships we can realise substantial savings for you, which can run up to 20%. Also, in the event of emergencies we can help you 24/7. We arrange not only your flight ticket, but your entire journey. This way we take care of all your travel requirements and you have the guarantee that everything is arranged down to the last detail. e-Business Travel is your specialised business travel agency that provides you with all possible travel services.

Team of specialists

Would you like a perfectly arranged business trip, group trip or event? Our experienced and enthusiastic team of travel consultants is happy to organise this for you. In order to guarantee the quality of our business travel agency, all our travel consultants have years of experience within the travel industry. This way you are assured of the best service. View our enthusiastic team.

Business Travel

Would you like your business trips to be organised with personal care and to perfection? Our experienced Business Travel consultants can arrange this for you. It will save you time and money!

Maritime Travel

Are you active in the shipping industry? Then our specialised Maritime Travel department will book the best maritime tickets for you. With speed and efficiency!

Group Travel

Would you like to organise a group trip, company outing or incentive trip? Our Group Travel department is specialised in organising customised group trips.

Luxury Travel

Always wanted to travel as a VIP? Travel in luxury, with a private jet, luxury transport, exclusive restaurants and high class hotels? Our consultants at the VIP Travel department will organise your luxury trips from A to Z.


Do your employees make humanitarian trips? We would like to help you get to your destination in an efficient, safe and sustainable way.

Tailor made business trips: we know your requirements

As a customer of e-Business Travel, we know the travel policy of your organisation and the profiles of your travellers that fly frequently. We remember where you prefer to sit in the aeroplane and what your dietary requirements are. This way you do not have to provide the same information each time. Because we know you and your wishes, we can also actively work with you to find a suitable solution for your travel needs. That is our personal approach!

Advantage through local contacts

You benefit fully from the worldwide local contacts that e-Business Travel has as a partner of GlobalStar Travel Management. This gives you the best fares and the best travel solutions. GlobalStar Travel Management is an international business travel network of around 85 independent travel agents. e-Business Travel is the only Dutch travel agency that is a partner of this worldwide organisation. Travel agents from 74 countries combine their local expertise and involvement. This enables us to offer you the best travel solutions worldwide. A partnership of which you therefore, will benefit from as one of our business relations. We can offer your flight tickets at local rates thanks to this international network.

Book flights online

If you wish to book your business trip yourself, you can do so in our online booking tool Atriis. Whether you are a traveller, a travel manager or a management assistant, whether you book trips occasionally or on a daily basis, our user-friendly system offers numerous possibilities. In our online tool you have access to an extensive range of flights, accommodations, rental cars, trains and even transfers or taxis. We can customise the online tool and adapt it to your travel policy. 


e-Business Travel always accessible

When you are on a business trip, you can always can call us 24/7 in case of emergency. When you book with e-Business Travel, you will receive our emergency number. If you urgently require assistance outside office hours, you will be connected to one of our own employees. We do not work with a call centre. We offer you a personal approach and service. This allows us to help you directly and efficiently.

Travel services

e-Business Travel offers you numerous travel services. Perfect connections, local transport (taxi, rental car, train, ferry) and of course the best accommodations. These are basic items that we can arrange for you. But we also help you if you need a visa or insurance or if have specific management reporting requirements. Read more about our extra services under Travel Services. We try to make it as easy as possible for you.

Why e-Business Travel?

e-Business Travel?


24/7 available


Maximum advantage


Dedicated team of specialists


Best price/quality ratio


Short response time


Personal attention


Local rates worldwide


Everything under one roof


Customised management information


Seaman’s fares

Whatever travel requirements you may have, we will arrange it for you!

Have your business trip customised by
e-Business Travel?

Are you curious about what we can do for you? How we can make your group trip or event an unforgettable experience? Contact us to discuss your requirements.

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We take care of all your travel requirements before, during and after your trip!

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