Salon in Lounge 1

After you pass through central security at Schiphol Airport, you will arrive at Schiphol’s shopping areas, called Lounge 1, 2, 3 or 4. In these areas you will find not only shops, but also bars, restaurants, hotels and museums. Lounge 1 is for European flights, Lounges 2 and 3 for intercontinental flights (in between you’ll find the Holland Boulevard) and Lounge 4 for low-cost airlines.

Lounge 1 recently opened Salon, which houses two new restaurant concepts: Grand Cafe and Deli. Grand Cafe is a full-service restaurant with an extensive menu and bar. At Deli, they serve Dutch delicacies and you can enjoy local beers and drinks at the bar. Salon is inspired by Amsterdam’s canals and terraces. The opening of Salon is part of a major redevelopment of Lounge 1.

Renovation of Lounge 2

Lounge 2 will also be renovated; the catering and shopping area will be redesigned and expanded, catering facilities will be more sustainable and high-end, and there will be a retail offering of new luxury brands and concepts. The renewal should be completed by the end of 2024.

‘The renovation of Lounge 2 is part of a major recovery plan to make Schiphol attractive to passengers again: tastier and more sustainable food and drinks, beautiful shops with an appealing assortment and an environment that emphasises Schiphol’s character as a home port for world travellers.’ said Arthur Reijnhart, Executive Director Schiphol Commercial.

Real-time baggage waiting

Waiting for your luggage is always annoying, after all, you want to go home as soon as possible. From now on, after returning from a trip, you can see exactly where your luggage is and how long it will be before your suitcase appears on the baggage belt. You can see whether your suitcase is still on the plane, on its way to the baggage basement or already on the belt. The information can be seen on all 150 screens in the baggage halls, in the Schiphol App and on the website. Schiphol uses AI-driven technology for this purpose.

FEBO at Schiphol

If you feel like a real Dutch snack after returning from your business trip (or before departure), you can now visit the FEBO at Schiphol Plaza. You can place your order at the counter, but there is also a real ‘snack wall’ that FEBO is known for. The shop is open 7 days a week from 10am to 10pm.

Third place in the world

Nice to know: Schiphol was the third largest airport in the world in terms of numbers of international passengers in 2023, according to ACI (Airports Council International). In total, over 61 million international travellers boarded and disembarked at Schiphol.At number two is London Heathrow and at one is Dubai.