Information regarding business travel and COVID-19*

Additional travel restrictions are effective from January 23rd, 2021

The general advice of the Dutch Government is stay in the Netherlands and do not travel. Only travel in case of serious family circumstances or for work that is absolutely essential. This advice applies until March 31st, 2021. If you do travel, it is important that you are well prepared. Before you leave, check the following:

  • Travelling abroad – travel advice from your destination
  • Travel requirements and measures
  • Requirements for travel to the Netherlands
  • Corona rules at Schiphol
  • Airlines’ rules and requirements

The authorities in the Netherlands and abroad are constantly changing their policies and measures. As a result, airlines and airports are constantly adapting their policies. That is why it is important that you always have the most recent information. Due to the many sources of information , we have listed the most important subjects. Should not all of your questions be answered, or should you need help organising your trip, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Travelling abroad – travel advice from your destination
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs changes its travel advice for different countries constantly. The most up-to-date information about the status, security risks, etc. per country can be found on the website:

Our travel consultants make regular use of the information provided on the international page of the IATA Travel Centre, where current information about all countries in the world can be found.

If you would like to have access to the most up-to-date travel information at all times during your trip, then we recommend that you download the Travel app from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (only in Dutch). Please check the websites of the airports that you are travelling to and  from to keep ahead of all the restrictions that apply.

Different rules often apply to seamen and offshore personnel. They are sometimes exempted from certain requirements and measures. Our Marine travel consultants can inform you about the latest information.

Travel requirements and measures
You can find more information about COVID-19 on the RIVM website.

Health declaration
Every traveller aged 13 and older flying to and from the Netherlands is required to carry a health declaration. If you do not have this, the airline may refuse boarding. You can download the Health declaration form here. Some airlines allow you to fill in the health declaration when checking-in online , from 24 hours before departure.

Negative NAAT (PCR) test result
All passengers arriving by plane, train, bus or ship from a high-risk area are required to present a negative NAAT (PCR) test result before departure. The test result may not be older than 12 hours before boarding. An NAAT test is a collective name for the following tests to determine if a person has corona: PCR, LAMP, RT PCR, TMA and mPOCT test.

You are in a high-risk country if it is not on the following list of safe countries.

GGD’s do not test for the purpose of travel. For an NAAT test that is suitable for travel, please contact 1 of the following authorities: (price indication € 125, results & travel documents within 24 hours) (price indication € 139) (price indication € 129)

Negative rapid test result
Are you arriving by plane or ferry from a high-risk country? Are you unable to show a negative NAAT testresult not older then 12 hours upon boarding? Then you not only need a negative NAAT test result which may not be older then 72 hours upon arrival in the Netherlands, but you will also need to show a negative rapid test result before departure. This must be no more than 4 hours old and the result must be known before you board the aeroplane.

Would you like to know where you can have an NAAT or rapid test done abroad? Consult this list of test locations.

It is now possible to perform a rapid test at many airports. Via the KLM website you have access to a list of quick test locations for European flights and intercontinental flights.

Negative test statement
If you are not a citizen of an EU or Schengen country and you are travelling from a country that is not part of the Schengen zone, you must also carry a negative test certificate with you.

In addition to the negative NAAT test (and possibly the rapid test), it is urgently required upon arrival in the Netherlands to go into self-quarantine for 10 days. If you wish to shorten this period, you can have yourself tested again on day 5 after arrival. If the result is negative, you may come out of quarantine. Check the Quarantine Travel Check (only in Dutch) for more information.

Requirements for travel to the Netherlands
Since January 23, 2021, the government has imposed additional travel restrictions to further prevent the spread of the corona virus. This not only concerns outbound journeys, but also inbound journeys from abroad to the Netherlands. For example, until April 1, a flight ban applies to travellers from the United Kingdom, South Africa and a large number of countries in South America. Ships with passengers from the United Kingdom will also be banned from mooring from January 23, 2021 until further notice.

Depending on the country from which you leave for the Netherlands, different entry restrictions may apply. Read more about this via

Are you abroad now and do you need to know whether you can return to the Netherlands? Then you will find all the necessary information on the Checklist: Entry into the Netherlands site.

Until January 23rd 2021, there were a number of exceptions to the EU travel ban. The list of exceptions for the Netherlands has been adjusted as of 23rd January 2021 . If you previously fell into an exception category or if you want to know if you belong to one, read the latest update here.

Corona rules at Schiphol
Would you like to know what the situation is at Schiphol? What you should take into account, where you can eat, drink and shop etc.? You can find this information on the Schiphol – Welcome back website.

You are required to wear a face-mask at Schiphol and on board the aircraft of all airlines. You must provide your own face-mask. Some airlines impose stricter requirements on the wearing of masks. For example, on all Lufthansa flights to and from Germany you are obliged to wear a medical mouth mask. Austrian Airlines also has specific requirements. Check the website of the airline you are travelling with or call us for the latest information.

You can find disinfectant hand gel in various places at Schiphol. If you carry your own disinfectant gel, please note that you can carry a maximum of 100 ml in your hand luggage. Click here to see what else you can take with you in your hand luggage.

You can take almost anything in your hold baggage, except for the items listed on the List of prohibited items .

For information about how things are going at the airport of your destination, it is best to check the website of the airport in question.

Rules and requirements of airlines
Each airline deals differently with the rules and regulations concerning Covid-19. Updates and changes appear almost daily. Some foreign airlines offer a free rapid-test at the airport of departure, while others require a medical mouth mask on board their flights.

To ensure that you keep up-to-date with the latest news and correct information, we refer you to the website of the airline that you are travelling with. You are always welcome to contact our travel consultants, we are happy to help you.

On the map below, you can click on your country of interest. You will then see the latest information on local measures, flight restrictions and more.


*On this page, we refer to sources such as This information will be updated regularly. We are not liable for the content or the sources mentioned on this page.

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