Information regarding business travel and COVID-19*

The entry restrictions and measures of countries around the world are constantly changing. Airlines and airport authorities also adjust their policies as a result. If you are going on a trip, it is therefore important that you are well prepared. We are happy to help you book your complete trips and provide information, however, we also depend on information from airlines and The Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We therefore advise you to check which requirements you must meet up to the day of departure and to read the most recent information; as a traveller you are responsible for this yourself.

  • On of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs you will find the most recent information about travel and travel advice.
  • The Travel App of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs always provides you with the most current travel information, even during your trip.
  • On KLM’s Travel Doc page, you will find all the regulations and measures you need to take into account for each destination. You enter your place of departure and arrival (this does not have to be a KLM flight) and get all the necessary information for that destination.
  • An international page with up-to-date information on all countries around the world is IATA Travel Centre.

Airlines each deal with the rules and regulations surrounding Covid-19 independently and they change regularly. Some foreign airlines offer a free rapid test at the airport of departure, others require you to wear a medical face mask on board their flights. Therefore, please check the website of the relevant airline for the most recent information. Please also enquire about the rules that apply at the destination airport, via the website of the airport concerned.

Different rules often apply to seamen and offshore personnel. They are sometimes exempted from requirements and measures. Our Marine travel consultants can provide you with the latest information.

Health Declaration
Every traveller over the age of twelve years who flies to and from the Netherlands is required to carry a health declaration. Without this information, you may be refused at boarding. You can download the Health declaration form here. With some airlines, such as KLM, you may complete the form when you check–in online, from 24 hours before departure.

Negative Covid test result
On the website you can read if you are required to provide a negative Covid test result to be able to travel to your destination. GGDs do not test in the context of travel. Are you travelling abroad and do you need a Covid test including a travel certificate? As a customer of e-Business Travel you will receive a discount at or you can contact one of the following agencies:

If you need to have a PCR or rapid test done abroad before returning to the Netherlands, this list of test locations abroad can be helpful.

Since February 25 2022, travellers no longer have a quarantine obligation in the Netherlands. 

Corona rules at Schiphol

If you want to know which corona measures you should take into account at Schiphol, you can visit the Schiphol website.

You are required to wear a face mask at Schiphol and all airlines require the wearing of facemasks on board the aircraft. You must provide your own mask. Some airlines set stricter requirements for the type of face mask you should wear. Therefore, please check the website of the airline you are travelling with beforehand, or call us for the latest information.

Disinfectant hand gel is available in various locations at Schiphol. If you wish to bring your own, you can carry a maximum of 100 ml in your handluggage. Please check here what else you can take with you in your hand luggage.

You are allowed to take everything in your checked baggage except the items mentioned on the the List of prohibited itemsFor information about how things are going at your destination airport, it is best to check the website of the relevant airport.


We have listed the most important sources of information for you on this page. Should not all of your questions be answered, or should you need help organising your trip, please do not hesitate to contact us.

On the map below, you can click on your country of interest. You will then see the latest information on local measures, flight restrictions and more.


*On this page, we refer to sources such as This information will be updated regularly. We are not liable for the content or the sources mentioned on this page.

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