Travel consultant

I was drawn to tourism from a young age, so it was no surprise that I wanted a career in this industry. In 2006 I started working at a business travel agency and over the years I have worked at various companies, which enabled me to develop into an experienced business travel consultant. I started at e-Business Travel in January 2022 and I am very pleased to be able to further my career here.
My wish is to visit as many countries as possible in my life. At the moment the counter is at 31 countries. My best trip so far was my vacation to Hawaii. High on my list is still South Africa, Australia and Brazil. I enjoy experiencing new cultures and different ways of life.



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  • 085-0210 312
  • The Base A, Evert van de Beekstraat 1-20, 2e etage
  • 1118 CL Schiphol
  • The Netherlands



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