Travel Consultant

I have been working in the business travel industry for over 23 years. After 20 years with the same employer, I made the switch to e-Business Travel, where I have been employed since 1 September 2022. I haven’t regretted the switch for a single day! I work in the Corporate Travel department where no day, no request, no phone call is the same and that is precisely what makes the work so fun and challenging. I am always looking for the best solution. I really enjoy spending my free time with family and friends. Travelling is part of my life and apart from family holidays, trips to the sun with girlfriends are always on the calendar.



  • Contact
  • 085-0210 312
  • The Base A, Evert van de Beekstraat 1-20, 2e etage
  • 1118 CL Schiphol
  • The Netherlands



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