e-Business Travel, together with all other members of BTP (Business Travel Partners), has signed a contract with Atriis Technologies for a new online booking tool. This is a unique tool, designed for business travel agencies as well as for customers, which is very complete and user-friendly. This tool gives both us and our travellers access to all rates of all proposals, including NDC (New Distribution Capability). NDC rates are rates that airlines sometimes offer exclusively through their own channels and therefore cannot be requested in our reservation systems. As a result, we had to obtain these rates from a multitude of sources in the past. The new online bookingtool has connections with multiple reservation systems (GDSs) and numerous airlines, including low-cost airlines. In addition, we are able, not only to book flights in the tool, but also hotels, trains, cars and other additional services, such as transfers.

With Atriis, e-Business Travel has access to all conceivable content that a travel agent needs, concentrated in 1 system. With the new online booking tool, we can work more efficiently, improve and simplify our processes and we no longer need the traditional channels for fragmented bookings. Atriis also offers a marketplace, which gives us access to the rates of business travel agencies around the world.
In addition to Atriis, e-Business Travel has been using the Cytric booking tool for some time. With this diversity of systems, we can serve every type of customer in their desired operation.

Would you like to know more about arranging your business travel in one of our online tools? Please let us know, we will be happy to inform you about the various options.