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Before you travel, it is important to check and arrange a number of things.

For example, do you need a visa or special vaccinations for the country you are traveling to? Or do you need to arrange a rental car, have information about the rules concerning (hand) luggage, participate in corporate savings programmes or know more about other travel related matters? You will find all the information below.

e-Business Travel always accessible

When you are on a trip, you can always can call us 24/7 in case of emergency. When you book with e-Business Travel, you will receive our emergency number. If you urgently require assistance outside office hours, you will be connected to one of our own employees. We do not work with a call centre. We offer you a personal approach and service. This allows us to help you directly and efficiently.

Book flights online

You can always request flight information and fares from us personally. However, sometimes you prefer to check the details yourself online. This is possible via our booking tool that you will see at the right top of our website. We will gladly help you further! Do you wish to book the flight yourself, then that is also possible through our booking tool.

Check-in online

With most airlines, you can check in online and book a seat up to 24 to 36 hours in advance. Visit the website of the airline company you fly and you can check in. Have a good trip!

Corporate savings programmes

One of the many benefits of regular travel is that you can participate in various savings programmes. You can save on a personal level with frequent flyer cards, but as a company you can also earn points by participating in one of the corporate loyalty programmes. Even better: you can save twice by  using private savings systems as well as corporate savings programmes!

Skyteam Blue Biz
As a Flying Blue member, you benefit from many special privileges when flying with KLM, Air France, Air Europa, Kenya Airways, Aircalin, Tarom or one of the other SkyTeam partners. With BlueBiz, the special corporate business travel programme, your organisation gets more out of the travel budget. With every flight you earn Blue Credits, which you can redeem for free airline tickets, meeting facilities or luxury business gifts. In addition, travellers can simply continue to save frequent flyer points. Participation in Blue Biz is free of charge and very simple. Let e-Business Travel register your organisation for the Blue Biz programme and from that moment on you automatically save Blue Credits with every flight.

Star Alliance – Benefit Points
Save Benefit Points for your organisation with Star Alliance’s PartnerPlusBenefit savings programme. Register your organisation and you will receive Benefit Points on every flight. You can exchange these for free flights, free upgrades and articles from the Lufthansa WorldShop. Participating airlines are Air Canada, Air China, ANA, Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines, Eurowings, LOT Polish Airlines, Lufthansa, Swiss International Airlines, TAP Portugal and United Airlines. Participation in this savings programme is free of charge and travellers can simultaneously save points with one of the Star Alliance frequent flyer programmes.

Other corporate savings programmes
The following companies also have corporate savings programmes: British Airways (On Business), Emirates (Business Rewards), Etihad (BusinessConnect), Finnair (Corporate Programme), Qatar Airways (Qbiz) and Turkish Airlines (Corporate Club). You can register for these programmes via the companies’ website.

Car rental

Renting a car at your destination can be expensive and time-consuming. It is a lot more relaxed if this is already arranged for you. e-Business Travel works together with Sunny Cars. Via the reservation system below you have a good overview of the available cars and associated rates. This way you can easily pre-arrange the rental car of your choice. You can book your car online via Members’ Benefits using a special promotional code. This gives you 5% discount. Ask us about the link. Of course we can also arrange the car rental for you. Click to reserve a car.

Restrictions for hand luggage and checked luggage

What is allowed in your hand luggage and what will you put in your suitcase? It is important to take the international restrictions into account. Read all about the hand luggage and checked luggage restrictions here:

Check my trip

You can view all the information about your trip via Check My Trip. This is an online travel tool that gives you access to a dashboard with real-time reservation details, supplemented with information about the destination (weather, phone codes, event guide, etc.). In addition, the tool allows you to  place your travel data in your diary. This is useful for yourself, but also for the home front. We will automatically send you the link by e-mail with your travel confirmation.


Always check whether you need a visa to enter the country you travel to. In some countries you can arrange a visa upon arrival. When you book a ticket to a country that requires a visa, our travel advisors will point that out to you. If desired, we can also bring you in contact with a visa service that arranges everything for you. Ask our travel consultants!


When you travel abroad and especially when you stay for a longer period of time, it’s important that you check whether you need certain vaccinations and/or malaria tablets. Opinions on this are always personal. Your GP can advise you on this.

Travel to America

When traveling to America, you are required to register with the US government under the ESTA programme (Electronic System for Travel Authorization (LINK)). This is a way for the US government to pre-register travellers to the US. Without ESTA authorisation you are not allowed to board a flight to America. Apply directly. The fee for this is US $ 14,- Apply directly

Schiphol Privium

When you travel frequently, you may want to use the Privium programme offered at Schiphol. With a Privium membership you can quickly cross borders and clear security using the iris scan. With Privium Plus you can also park your car close to the airport and make use of the Privium Club Lounge.

Schiphol VIP service

Do you want to start your journey relaxed and in luxury? Then Schiphol VIP service offers you the most exclusive way to travel. You have privacy, peace and personal service, regardless of which airline you travel with. Because the VIP Centre is separate from the regular passenger terminal, you will not notice the hustle and bustle of the airport. You check in at the Vip Centre, where your luggage will be collected. You can relax or work in a private lounge and enjoy the food and beverages offered. Shortly before departure of the flight you will be picked up by a private driver and taken to the aeroplane by luxury car. The VIP Centre is open daily from 6 am to 11 pm.

Duty of Care

Should one of your employees run into a travel problem along the way, for example weather problems, an unexpected hospitalisation etc., as a company you have a duty of care for the safety of your employees. In the event of a calamity, you want to know whether your employee is safe or can be brought to safety. If you have difficulty in keeping track of your reservations we can help. If your employee has booked with us, we can advise where they are at that moment, as we have all the travel data (whilst taking the GDPR into consideration) and know exactly what action we should take. Our professional and highly experienced staff on the 24 hrs service can help you and your employees in case of emergency. This way we take your duty of care out of your hands!

Flexible reporting of your business trips via Management Information System

You probably know how much your company spends on business trips each year. But do you also know to which destinations your organisation flies the most, what the average ticket price is and which employee flies the most or makes the highest costs? This is just a selection of the information we can provide. Our extensive management information system gives you a very detailed picture of the travel behaviour of your organisation. We can also deliver a CO2 report if you wish. Together we analyse the data to see if you can use your travel budget more efficiently. By means of well-organised reports, we map out the expenditure for you. You can indicate how often you want to receive these reports.

Payment solutions & Invoicing

e-Business Travel works with a fixed transaction fee, so your costs are always transparent and well-organised. You have three options for paying the travel expenses:

  • On account: we pay the travel costs directly and send you an invoice. On this invoice all flights are specified including details of the traveller and possible cost codes. We can also send you a two-weekly or monthly cumulative invoice.
  • Credit card: we book the travel costs on the corporate credit card or on the traveller’s card. You then have a deferred payment term of an average of 30 days. The overviews you receive may be less specified.
  • Business Travel Account by Airplus and American Express: this works in the same way as a credit card, but with the advantage that you can receive a summary statement with company-specific data, such as personnel numbers, cost codes, departments or project numbers.

More information?

Would you like more information about payment solutions for your company? Then contact e-Business Travel at +31 (0)85 – 0210310.

GlobalStar: advantage through local contacts

You benefit fully from the worldwide local contacts that e-Business Travel has as a partner of GlobalStar Travel Management. This gives you the best fares and the best travel solutions. GlobalStar Travel Management is an international business travel network of around 85 independent travel agents. e-Business Travel is the only Dutch travel agency that is a partner of this worldwide organisation. Travel agents from 74 countries combine their local expertise and involvement. This enables us to offer you the best travel solutions worldwide. A partnership of which you therefore, will benefit from as one of our business relations. We can offer your flight tickets at local rates thanks to this international network.

Tips for Travel

By planning and booking your business trips efficiently and smartly, you can significantly save costs.

  • Try to book as far ahead as possible so that you will have more choice of airlines and lower fares for your trip.
  • Follow newsletters & items from airlines to stay informed of special offers such as KLM World Deals;
  • Travellers naturally use their own frequent flyer savings programme, but as an organisation you can also save points at the same time. For example with KLM BlueBiz. You can exchange the saved points, for example for free airline tickets. Take a look at the other corporate savings programmes (LINK to corporate savings programmes);
  • Check whether you can combine data from tickets. If a traveller often flies to the same destination, you can book more favourable rates by combining multiple dates of tickets;
  • Flights with a stopover can also save you considerable costs;
  • Airline tickets are often cheaper if the stay is longer than 3 nights or if a Saturday is included. It is worth considering staying one night longer. This often results in cost savings that exceed the costs for an extra hotel night;
  • Know your travellers! If you know that someone changes their flight often, it may be cheaper in the long run to book a more expensive ticket that can be amended (free of charge);
  • Make analyses of travel data to see where you can benefit. e-Business Travel can provide you with this management information on a regular basis.
Paperless travel for VIP and group travel

When you book a luxury trip or group trip with us, you will receive an app for your travel confirmation by e-mail. You will receive all information about flights, hotels, transfers, etc. in this e-mail. E-tickets, hotel vouchers and other necessary confirmations have been added so that you have all the information together. This allows you to travel ticketless. Everything for your convenience!


e-Business Travel (Chamber of Commerce no. 30165676) is affiliated with the Stichting Calamiteitenfonds Reizen. The guarantee of the Calamiteitenfonds means that if you as a traveller participate in a trip to which the guarantee applies:

  • (part of) your travel sum will be reimbursed if we cannot execute or not fully execute the trip due to a catastrophe;
  • the necessary additional costs will be reimbursed to you if we have to modify the trip or need to repatriate you early due to a catastrophe.

Catastrophe is held to mean an abnormal event caused by an act of war or a natural disaster.


Stichting Garantiefonds Reisgelden Zakelijk (SGRZ)”
e-Business Travel (Chamber of Commerce no. 30165676) is affiliated with SGRZ. You can check this via Within the limits of the SGRZ guarantee scheme, the trips published on this website are covered by the SGRZ guarantee. This SGRZ guarantee means that the client is insured that his prepaid travel money is refunded if the other party is unable to fulfil the agreed performance due to financial inability. Insofar as the agreement also includes transport and the place of destination has already been reached, the return journey is taken care of.

Business travel insurance

We can also advise you about business travel insurance for your complete company. e-Business Travel works closely with partner AIG, leading insurer for businesses. The so-called Travel Guard Business Travel Insurance offers comprehensive travel insurance up to 12 months for all persons (employees) traveling on behalf of the policyholder (the company). If you take out travel insurance via e-Business Travel, you can count on comprehensive coverage and services. Supported by the expertise of employees who handle claims quickly and professionally. You benefit from an extensive international network.


  • The Collective Accident Insurance included in Corporate Travel Insurance offers a very extensive coverage without exclusions.
  • The cover applies to the business traveller and his / her accompanying partner and children. This cover also applies to private activities prior to, during and following the business trip.
  • Cover for medical expenses incurred abroad and in the country of residence.
  • Travel assistance provided by our own assistance company AIG Travel.
  • An all-risk cancellation cover.
  • A coverage based on new value for personal belongings and business equipment.
  • A cover for personal liability.
  • Coverage for legal assistance in case the insured wants to handle the claim himself.
  • Coverage in case of kidnapping, hijacking and hostage taking.
  • Travel advice in preparation for the trip, such as information on the destination, on-site safety, health care and necessary visas.

Contact us for more information.

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