Turkish Airlines Xi’an flights are planned and will be starting as three flights per week and will be launched as of December 30, 2019.
Xi’an, one of China’s major industrial cities, is the old capital of the past empire, and a popular destination for history buffs as it boasts an intriguing historical and cultural past. With imperial buildings, enchanting Terracotta army and lively city dwellings, Xi’an is a must-see location on your travels in China.

The starting point of the Silk Road, Xi’an, is home to some 12 million people and one of the country’s liveliest regions. With ancient Chinese traditions still prevalent in certain parts of the city, Xi’an makes for a perfect destination in which to delve into Chinese culture. In older regions, using Chinese pictograph, you can print text on silk in calligraphy. To relish Chinese cuisine, just drop by the local restaurants.