Are you standing at an airport in the middle of the night and do you need to change your flight schedule? Do you urgently need a flight, hotel or car during the weekend? Is your meeting running late and do you wish to change your evening flight to the next day? Then our 24-hour emergency service is at your service. You can call this service in case of emergency outside office hours; you will always get one of our team members on the phone.

Our 06 emergency number has recently been converted to a new number so that we can be of better service to you: 085-0210318. If you now call the old 06 number, you will be forwarded to this new number. This transfer service will end at some point, so it is recommended that you only use the 085 number and delete the old number from your telephone.

The change from a 06 number to a 085 number has an advantage for you and for us. A 06 number only has 1 incoming line. This is usually not a problem, but in the event of a calamity such as a volcanic eruption with a dust cloud, several travellers may try to call us at the same time. That is not possible and we cannot scale up the emergency service to more than one employee. If you call the 085 number, then several travel consultants can staff the emergency service and we can be of better service to you.
Please don’t forget to record our new number. The number is also stated on your e-ticket, that you receive from us.