Japan is the land of surprises. State-of-the-art cities and trains are interspersed with picturesque villages, beautiful temples and harmonious gardens. The cherry blossom is wonderful, the sushi is delicious and the geisha’s intriguing. The Land of the Rising Sun therefore, exceeds all expectations.
Tokyo is the ultimate highlight of a trip through Japan because everything comes together here: culture, temples, museums and typical Japanese entertainment such as slot machines and arcade games. Tokyo officially consists of 23 neighborhoods and is located in the southeast of the largest island of Japan: Honshu. The city is characterised by a wonderful mix of modern high-tech and old traditions.
In the summer of 2020, Tokyo is dominated by the Olympic Games, the world’s largest athletes come together for the largest sporting event in history. And you can be there!
Combine the Games with a visit to the world’s largest metropolis; Tokyo.

What can you do there?

Experience the tea
The tea ceremony is seen as a “body art”. A geisha shows you how to formally sit in the Japanese room, where the tea ceremony is prepared together. People occasionally talk, alternating with serene silences. After the explanation, it is your turn to perform the tea ceremony.

Sushi School
Makizushi is made by spreading sushi rice on a nori (dried seaweed) leaf and a bamboo mat, called mikisu. This is then supplemented with seafood, vegetables and other ingredients that you may wish to try. Make your own sushi that meets your own taste.

Visit Mount Fuji – bucket list !!

Browse the Tsukiji Fish Market

Cross the busiest intersection in the world: Shibuya Crossing

About 400 years ago, Japan went into calm waters and many ninjas left their “ryuhas” and went to Taijutsu schools to pass on the art to the younger generation. In this workshop you learn secret techniques from the masters; handling weapon techniques, wrestling, jumping, kicking, rolling and more. Have a try!
Picnicking in one of the many parks

Stroll through Piss Alley
The name does not sound appealing at all, but do not be put off and definitely go there. Piss Alley is the infamous nickname for Shinjuku Omoide Yokocho, a small area consisting of 2 long streets, right next to the station. Piss Alley owes his nickname to his dark past, when only shady figures were to be found who drank too much! Nowadays Piss Alley is very safe and clean!

Latte Art Café
Here you can order delicious coffee, chocolate milk and tea, but the best thing is of course to order a drink where the baristas can make a piece of art out of your coffee foam (such as a cappuccino or a latte macchiato). You can choose a 3D art or a 2D self-portrait. The waitress takes a photo of your choice (or she takes a photo of you, if you go for the self-portrait) and fifteen minutes a work of art is placed onto your table – you won’t believe your eyes!