At the home base, Abu Dhabi, Etihad took delivery of the Boeing Greenliner A6-BHM last week. All sorts of sustainable experiments will soon take place on board this special 787. For example, procedures and initiatives must be tested to ensure that CO2 emissions and kerosene consumption decrease. The device is called a flying laboratory. On the first (delivery) flight from Charleston, the aircraft flew 30 percent on biofuel.
Etihad aims to halve CO2 emissions by 2035 at the latest. By 2050, the airline even wants to be completely emission-free.

Also in Amsterdam
The A6-BMH, like the other 787-10s, can accommodate 336 passengers and will be deployed on scheduled flights from this Saturday. Since Etihad will be coming to Amsterdam with these aircraft between March 29 and April 11, the Greenliner is also expected at Schiphol.